There's something I really can't understand: the reason why some people use social networks...

I use them because they allow me to interact with people from all over the world. People with similar interests and people with different interests, some of which I like, others I don't. I'm free to choose and I learn. And I'm not supposed to like everything and everyone and neither are the others. And no one is forced to like me or my ideas. But I must respect everybody and everyone should respect everyone else!

But some people seem to like venting. And that's OK. And they do it on social networks. And that's OK too. What is not OK is that they do it openly for everyone to read and, when someone, politely, replies with a kind word or opinion they reply with aggressiveness and hatred!

So, why do people vent if they do not respect the others when they kindly offer some of their precious time and reply with a kind word our respectful opinion?

Why using a social network if you don't want to initiate a dialogue?

Why do people seem to think that everyone is bad? And if so, why do they write and vent into the “open air”?

Why don't they use the good old notebook and lock it away if they can't deal with kindness and politeness?

And... Well, this is me venting... But you can comment. I know kindness and politeness and I love using and sharing them.

Be well!