There's a whole world outside Facebook

So, a whole month has gone by since I deleted my #Facebook account. Now it's official, I can't recover my ten-year-old-plus account even if I wanted to.

And how have I been doing? How can I survive without it? How do I get informed about the world around me? These are interesting questions, aren't they?

Well, it seems that I've been doing very well and I even have the same friends that I used to have when I used my Facebook account! Isn't that strange?!

And I'm probably more informed about what is happening around me and through the whole world because there is still the radio, T.V., newspapers and magazines and many internet sites full of interesting things for us to learn that Facebook doesn't tell us about.

Yes, I think that that's the idea: to make people think that everything that matters is what you see/read on Facebook! But it's not so. On Facebook there's only everything that matters to Facebook: our data, our lives, and many people that guarantee an enormous revenue from publicity and from its ability to influence people, nothing more!

So, for all you you that are still there: be well and take care. I'm out, for good, for better.