My Merkur Progress

My Merkur Progress

It's not a secret that I'm a big fan of my Merkur Progress, an adjustable double edge safety razor, which was launched back in 1955 in Germany! Yes, that's 65 years ago! And it is still being produced!

The Merkur Progress is the oldest double edge safety razor in production today!

And I'm a big fan of it because it allows me to have great shaves every single day!

Before I ordered it I searched for information on it and on how to get the best shaves with it. And it was here that the confusion settled! The two next somehow conflicting options needed some time and trial for the best method to be found.

Some say that starting low and going up the scale is the way to go;

Others say that you should start high and, then, go down the scale each pass.

Supporters of the first option say that, as you go up the scale, you'll be able to get to those harder to get facial hairs that escape a lower scale setting.

Those supporting the second option will say that if you start higher on the scale, you'll shave off most part of your beard on the first pass and, then, it will be easy to get to any remaining facial hairs and it's also milder to your skin.

There's some logic in both versions...

Today, with more than four years of experience using the Merkur Progress under my belt, I believe that I have solved the conundrum! At least, I have solved my conundrum.

So, to me, it is absolutely logical that adjustable safety razors were created to adjust to the length of the facial hair to be cut. You don't use a kitchen knife to cut down a tree, do you?!

So, if you have a five-day beard to mow, you adjust the Merkur Progress accordingly, setting it, lets say, to 3 or 4 and you'll have a clean face with one single pass. The next one(s) will take care of the rest, easily, and leave you with that baby butt face that your lady loves! And it will always be a smooth and quick shave. If you had opted for the first option, starting low and going up the scale, you'd have started by having some trouble mowing down that five-day beard and you'd have been scraping your skin with that sharp blade unnecessarily, causing irritation and razor burn.

There you are, these are my final thoughts regarding this highly efficient and super smooth safety razor, My Merkur Progress.

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